At Tupton Hall we believe it is important that our students come to school dressed smartly and appropriately in a way that shows they are part of the school community. 


Please read the booklet below to ensure that our students maintain the highest standards of dress.


Our chosen school uniform supplier is Clay Cross company Your School Uniform

Uniform can be ordered through the Your School Uniform website or through school using the order form below:

Tupton Hall branded blazers and PE kit items must be bought through Your School Uniform. This is to ensure that our families get value for money and also to ensure that standards of school dress are consistently high.

Garments such as white shirts, trousers and skirts are also available from Your School Uniform, and these comply with our school dress code.

Before ordering uniform please read the updated School Uniform Guide to ensure you know the school dress code.


The PE kit has been streamlined with new items now available to buy from our supplier Your School Uniform. Existing PE kit items can still be worn, but when a replacement is needed it should be ordered from the new list below.

Due to the active nature of our Physical Education curriculum and the fact that lessons take place in both indoor and outdoor environments it is vital that all students arrive with our PE kit as detailed below. It is a requirement that ALL students get changed into PE kit from their standard school uniform. This includes appropriate alternative footwear.

Students must bring their PE kit to every lesson even if they are excused through illness or injury.  If injured or unable to take an active role as player/performer students will continue to engage in the learning process and take on a role within the lesson as an official, leader and or coach.

The following PE kit list forms part of our dress code. The clothing items in bold can be ordered from our the Your School Uniform website or through school using the order form below. 

  • Navy blue Sports Tee (with THS logo)
  • Navy blue Outdoor Top (with THS logo)
  • Navy blue shorts
  • Navy blue football socks
  • Navy blue/black sports leggings (for girls, optional)
  • Navy blue base layer (optional)
  • Non-marking soled trainers (not shoes worn as part of school uniform)
  • Football boots for use on grass (boys)
  • Shin pads
  • Gum shield (We strongly advise these are worn for hockey and rugby. Advance notice will be given when these are required.)
  • Towel for showering after lesson
  • Plastic bag to isolate wet / muddy kit


- All jewellery must be removed for PE lessons including earrings and piercings. The use of tape is not permitted.

- Canvas plimsolls will not be suitable for PE lessons.

- During the winter months PE staff may allow students to wear navy blue: tracksuit bottoms, thin gloves, waterproof top / leggings, additional clothing to go underneath the outdoor top.

Thank you for supporting the school by ensuring that your child wears the school uniform and the required Physical Education kit.