Travel and Tourism

    “The fastest growing industry in the world”

    Most governments now recognise the importance of tourism and the benefits it can bring to a country’s economy, helping to provide improved infrastructure, facilities and wider environmental and socio-cultural improvements in a wide variety of destinations all over the world. Tourism also provides a wealth of employment opportunities at all levels, from ‘shop floor’ roles to degree level
    management positions.

    Studying Travel and Tourism at A Level will provide students with the opportunity to not only gain skills which will be beneficial in a travel or tourism related career but also transferable skills which will be of value in any future employment or career choice, not necessarily tourism related. Students
    will become aware of the wide range of opportunities available in this diverse industry through studying a range of topics, through classroom - based learning, independent research, practical activities and fieldwork.

    What skills and previous experience will I need?
    GCSE Geography and/or Leisure and Tourism are useful, but not essential. Students must be committed to working hard and be able to meet deadlines.

    What will I study?
    Year 12 AS

    • Introducing Travel and Tourism
    • Customer Service
    • Travel Destinations

    Year 13 A2

    • Tourism Development
    • Event Management
    • Ecotourism/Guided Tour

    One unit is assessed by examination and two by coursework portfolio in each year.

    Where does the course lead?
    GCE Travel and Tourism is accepted as a route to higher and further education as well as employment in a range of industries, apprenticeships and further training. Many well known global brands now offer enticing graduate schemes, including Merlin Entertainments (Alton Towers, SeaLife, Madam Tussauds), Thomson and Hilton Hotels.

    There are a wide variety of university courses available including tourism management, event management, hospitality and hotel management, human resource management, sports tourism and marketing.

    Many companies are also offering training and apprenticeship schemes.

    Who do I talk to?
    Mrs J Young can be found in the Humanities area.