Spanish is the second most widespread language in the world. As well as being spread throughout the globe, it is recognised that the fact that Spanish is the fastest growing language globally makes it an invaluable language for our students to study.

We have an enormous number of business opportunities open to us, due to the accessible nature of the world, thanks to, amongst other things, the INTERNET. The developing world offers huge challenges and opportunities for adventurous people looking for challenge.

A romance language like French and Italian, Spanish is a very expressive and enjoyable one to study.

In Key Stage 3 the course is normally split into 6 modules, which are assessed half-termly. Projects, such as film reviews and work focusing on Celebrity Culture form part of later KS3 work.

Year 7 topic areas:

  • Personal Introductions
  • Free Time
  • School
  • Family, Friends & Pets
  • My Local Area
  • Café Food
  • Festivals & Celebrations

Year 8 topic areas:

  • Famous People
  • Daily Routine
  • Going Out
  • Holidays
  • Shopping
  • Food & Drink
  • Clothing
  • Visiting Spain

Year 9 topic areas:

  • Media
  • School
  • Health
  • Future Plans
  • House & Home
  • Spanish-Speaking World

    In Key Stage 4, the GCSE course is split into 9 modules, which are assessed in the following way:

    Reading Exam: 20%

    Listening Exam: 20%

    Speaking Controlled Assessment: 30%

    Writing Controlled Assessment: 30%

    The topic areas covered are:

    • Personal Information
    • Media
    • Free time
    • House & Home
    • Shopping
    • School  & Further Education
    • The World of Work & Work Experience
    • Tourism & Holidays
    • Healthy Living
    • The Environment