AS and A2 Level

What skills and previous experience will I need?

You do not need to have studied this subject at GCSE to be successful at higher levels.If you have studied to GCSE, however, you will notice some common ground but will cover material in more depth. It is essential that you be prepared to read around the subject and it is vital to have at least a grade C in English Language as essay writing forms a large part of the assessment.

What will I study?

Sociology is the study of the ways in which individuals and groups live in societies. It looks beneath the surface of our ‘taken for granted’ world.The course consists of four modules overall. You will study Families and Households, and Education at AS level, before going on to investigate the Mass Media and Crime and Deviance at A2 level.

How will I be taught?

Teaching methods are as varied as possible within classroom constraints and include actual research, discussion, videos, use of ICT, analysis of modern day news articles and conference visits where appropriate.

Where does the course lead?

Sociology, Social Psychology or Social Policy can be studied further at college or university. Sociology is a fundamental part of many professional studies such as the police,business, journalism, teaching, educational psychology, paramedical careers such as occupational or speech therapy, nursing,social work and a variety of others. As Sociology is about society and human behaviour, it complements many other subjects such as Law, Psychology, Politics, Economics, Geography, History, English and Health and Social Care.

Who do I talk to?

Any member of staff from the Social Sciences Faculty will be pleased to talk to you.