Pastoral Care

The school prides itself on its high standards of pastoral care. Each year group has a dedicated Head and Deputy Head of Year, who are responsible for students along with a team of form tutors. Together they aim to provide a secure 'family' unit in which staff and students can feel at home and from which they can receive support on an individual basis.

Each key stage is overseen by an Assistant Head, who is skilled in meeting the challenges that arise at different phases of the journey through school. The Sixth Form has its own unique specialist Head and Deputy to help meet the rigorous demands of Post-Sixteen education.

The pastoral team, in all key stages, aim to work with parents and students:

  • To ensure successful transition from one key stage to the next.
  • To support students in dealing with the pressures of work and exams.
  • To raise students’ aspirations and motivate them to do their best and fulfil their potential.
  • To provide an overview of all aspects of each student’s progress, both academically and in relation to individual and personal needs. To provide the opportunity for students to take on positions of responsibility.
  • To encourage students to take part in extra-curricular activities.

Student Services

The school has a Pastoral Support Manager who aims to provide the first point of contact for students and/or parents who have concerns that require a prompt response.  This is a non-teaching member of staff who will support the Heads and Deputy Heads of Year and the Assistant Heads for each Key Stage in dealing with matters relating to attendance, behaviour, progress and individual pupil needs. 

A team of Student Support Assistants are in school throughout the day and, in particular, are responsible for break and midday supervision with members of the Senior Leadership Team. The Student Support Assistants are also available at lesson times to assist staff and students with issues that may arise during the course of the day with the aim of ensuring all our students have a positive experience at school. The school’s medical room is staffed by two Student Welfare Assistants who are trained in First Aid.

They also provide confidential support and guidance on a range of issues which may be causing young people concern. Where further help is required they can help students access it through the links they maintain with School Health and other external agencies. The Student Welfare Assistants also liaise fully with the teaching staff, particularly the Heads of Year, with regard to the health and welfare of our students. As a school we work closely with our local Multi-Agency Team.

The MAT consists of colleagues such as:

  • Education Welfare Officers
  • Family Resource Workers
  • Connexions Personal Advisers
  • Youth Workers
There are regular meetings with staff in school and the manager of the MAT to discuss individual students’ needs and to ensure that there is a co-ordinated and consistent approach from the relevant agencies involved. Extended services for our students are based in the Aspire Centre alongside our own staff who offer the one-to-one or group support. Students with emotional difficulties are supported in the magic room by learning mentors.