BTEC music

The Year 12 BTEC Music performance course contains three assessed units. 

Music performance techniques 

Students are required to perform both a solo and a group recital, provide programme notes and evaluate their final performances.  They also need to understand the process of rehearsal and must submit practice diaries to support their work. 

Music Project 

As a team, students must plan and run a large scale music event at school.  They are responsible for every element of the concert, from booking refreshments to the live show itself.  Students will need to keep evidence of their own input, from early planning stages to the final concert review. 

Working as a Musical Ensemble

Students learn about the elements and features of musical ensembles and form their own musical ensembles. Students will then plan and develop their musical ensemble in order to perform to an audience. 

The Year 13 BTEC Music performance course contains three assessed units. 

Pop Music in Practice

Students are required to research different genres of pop music and know how pop music developed. Students will compose their own original pop music and will perform 'covers' as part of a musical ensemble.

Studying music from around the world

Students learn about the role of music in different cultures and the musical features of a range of world music traditions. Students learn how world music has influenced different genres of contemporary western music and are able to carry out a world music project.

Solo Music Performance skills

Students learn how to choose appropriate pieces for an extended programme of music. Students perform a 30 minute recital to an audience and learn about the processes required in preparation for this performance.

All Sixth Form Music students are expected to take part in individual instrumental or vocal practice at home and to become involved in extra-curricular ensembles as these will be beneficial to their progress.