Media Studies


Media Studies offers you the opportunity to look at the role the media plays in your own daily lives and that of society as a whole. It allows us to explore the ways in which we make sense of the media, and the ways in which the media make sense of us.

By ’media’ we mean a variety of forms of technological means of communication. They are, predominantly, television, radio, film, the press and forms closely associated with the media such as advertising and the Internet.

The school follows the OCR Media Studies AS and A Level courses. You will study a range of media texts and topics concentrating upon the following conceptual areas:

  • Media forms and conventions – how does the media convey meanings?
  • Media institutions – who owns and finances the media and what issues are raised by this? 
  • Media audience – how does the media reach its audience? How is that audience encouraged to participate? How does the media influence and position audiences?
  • Media representation – how are images of gender, social class, nationality and race constructed and used by the media?

You should really already have an interest in the media. This doesn’t mean to say that you’ve studied all of the films of some obscure film director (although that does sound a bit interesting now that you mention it!), but it does mean that you enjoy watching and talking about films and TV. It means that you enjoy listening to music and you’re interested in finding out more about the music industry. It means that you are aware of this thing called ‘the media’, and you want to know more about it.

You will learn key concepts through analysis of contemporary media texts. There will be the opportunity for individual research and study. Coursework will consist of practical production work undertaken by either groups or individuals. The purpose of production work is for you to put theory into practice, by demonstrating knowledge and understanding of technical skills in your own media production. You will be given a brief and will be assessed on your planning, the finished product and your evaluation.

For more information please contact Mr Welch by email or on Twitter via @THSMediaStudies