Mathematics is the basis of all we see in nature. Every movement of the stars and planets is governed by various laws - many we know well, others are still being discovered. In this faculty we look at aspects of the science and reduce it down to simple illustrations of how things work.

  • Pure Mathematics looks at how the understanding between items holds together
  • Applied Mathematics puts this into the realm of everyday objects and predicts what happens during activity.

Our courses nurture students’ confidence so that they can work independently, take risks and persevere in order for them to experience success. If students do believe they are no good at mathematics, they are likely to give up before they have really tried. That’s why research shows a strong link between confidence and achievement in mathematics. That’s why nurturing confidence is at the heart of our new Key Stage 3 Mathematics course.  This resilience will help students to feel confident in dealing with the scope of questions posed at GCSE, AS or A levels. We have a good history of tutoring students through complex topics to achieve excellent final grades.