What skills and previous experience will I need?

Learning a language is all about communication. If you enjoy talking, expressing your opinions, discussing current affairs, even arguing, then get stuck in! At A Level you will continue to develop the skills you worked on at GCSE: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. To study a language at this level, we expect you to have achieved at least a grade C (on Higher papers) at GCSE. You should enjoy language learning, be keen to learn about different cultures, and be willing to work hard and enthusiastically. You will be encouraged to organise your work and time and will be expected to undertake independent study.

What will I study?

Y12: Media, Communication, Free Time, Sport, Health, Tourism, Family, School and Further Education.

Y13: Environment and Pollution, Immigration and Multiculturalism, Contemporary Social Issues such as Law and Order, Wealth and Poverty, Science and Technical Advancement, together with cultural elements.

How will the subject be taught?

We use a wide variety of activities to introduce new topics to teach vocabulary and grammar, and to help you practice your communication skills. For example: various media recordings, films, discussions, presentations, newspaper and magazine articles, the Internet, contemporary fiction, letters, articles, summaries, conversations, short and longer essays.

Where does the course lead?

As well as being able to continue studying your chosen language at university or college, many companies are now looking for employees with a competence in one or more European languages. Indeed, many universities actively encourage the take-up of a modern language to supplement particularly their Business or Engineering courses. Other specific careers include leisure and tourism, teaching, interpreting and translating. An independent study has shown that British firms lose an average of 20% of their profits due to a lack of language skills - studying a language at A-level increases your job prospects considerably!

Who do I talk to?

First of all speak to your current subject teacher to ask about your suitability for this course. For more details about the actual A Level course and exam see Mr Cain or your GCSE teacher.