Year 10 & YEAR 11

Most students follow the AQA GCSE English Language and AQA GCSE English Literature courses. These students are assessed through external examination at the end of the course. This year, approximately twelve students will take the GCSE English Language only to best support them in achieving their potential. This decision has allowed these students to hone core literacy skills over the two year course. It will also allow them to focus on the Language final examinations, rather than the two Literature exams also taken by students on the dual course.

There are two English Language exams, Paper one tests their ability to analyse a literary text and writer creatively. Whereas, Paper 2 asks students to analyse and compare two non-fiction texts, alongside writing to show a viewpoint.

There are also two examinations in English Literature, Paper 1 examines the historical texts, whereas Paper 2 looks at Modern Prose and Poetry.

The literary texts all students will study are Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’, Doyle’s ‘The Sign of Four’, Kelly’s ‘DNA’ and the AQA ‘Love and relationships’ poetry anthology.

For more information please contact Mr Newton by email or on Twitter via @HeadofEnglish