Physical Education is valued as an important part of the curriculum for all pupils. The PE programme in Year 7 is taught in single sex groups. 

Both boys lessons and girls lessons cover a variety of activities from:

  1. Outwitting opponents
  2. Accurate replication of actions
  3. Exploring and communicating ideas
  4. Performing at maximum levels
  5. Identifying and solving problems to overcome challenges
  6. Exercising safely and effectively

Students in KS3 are set according to their ability and cover a range of activities such as football, netball, rugby, dance, gymnastics, athletics, rounders, tennis.

The rationale behind the decision to group students in this way is based upon the following points:

  • We believe that all students should be able to work at a pace suited to their ability and self-confidence. Those that are very able can progress more quickly while those who need more time to master new skills can do so in an environment free from the pressure from those ‘who can’.
  • Positive attitudes towards physical activity is more likely to develop if students are happy in the environment in which they are learning.
  • Some activities are more successfully taught in single gender groups because of the developing physical maturity of our young people – particularly girls in swimming.
  • Boys are more likely to succeed in dance and gymnastics without girls present – in activities which are still striving to develop as ‘not just for girls’. Male friendly material may also be delivered.
  • Students have the confidence by the time they enter into Y10 and KS4 to make positive decisions about their own curriculum.