Pupils at Key Stage 3 follow a dedicated scheme of work designed to mirror their requirements. Pupils are assessed in a variety of ways and are encouraged to work in a variety of ways to build their own mathematical confidence at a pace appropriate to them.  

At the end of each year at KS3, pupils sit an examination in order to assess the progress they have made over the past year. This prepares pupils well for their GCSEs in the future.  We understand that examinations can be scary, however, if pupils are well prepared, they are much more likely to feel confident and less anxious. 

The end of year examinations run in the final half term. Pupils will sit an examination that is appropriate to the level they are working at currently. Ideally 10-15 minutes of revision should be completed every day leading up to these exams. 


Your child will be following one of the tiered schemes of work found in the documents below. 

Pupils follow a tier which is designed to help them achieve their target grade and takes into account their current mathematical attainment. The scheme they are following should be written on their maths book and the information below is for you to see what topics they have done, what they are currently doing and what they are doing next. 

If you wish to help your child at home, the scheme of work provides information about the topics and the levels they are working towards.  Links to the Pearson Active Teach website is also on the document to provide further resources to help your child during their personal study time. 

Additionally, students have access to Mathswatch revision videos to help them understand key topics.