Health and Social Care

    What skills and experience will I need?

    A GCSE in Health and Social Care or Child Development would be helpful, but not essential. Good GCSE grades are essential and you would be seeking employment or training in the care industry, education, nursing or health related occupations.

    What will I study and how is it assessed? 

    The course is available as a single award and is split into six units over two years taught for five lessons a week. Three staff currently teach the course so you will see a variety of faces. Some units are assessed through external examinations and the rest are through portfolio work, which is moderated by the examination board (OCR).

    In Year 12 you will study the following units:

    • Unit 1: Promoting quality care assessed through external examination. 

    ·         Unit 2: Communication in the care setting assessed through portfolio. 

    ·         Unit 3: Promoting good health assessed through portfolio.

    In Year 13 you will study the following units: 

    • Unit 10: Care practice and provision assessed through portfolio. 

    ·         Unit 12: Social Trends  assessed through external examination.

    ·         Unit 16: Research methods in health and social car assessed through portfolio.

    For more information contact Mrs Pratt, Mrs Slater or Mrs Iles.

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