Expressive Arts

Art, Drama and Music are the three components of the Expressive Arts Faculty at Tupton Hall School.  All are passionately taught and we have seen generations of students gaining in confidence as they progress through the school from Key Stage 3 through to GCSE, BTEC and A-level.  A good number have gone on to higher levels still and we are proud of our part in their development.

We aim to be inclusive so that every student has access to the curriculum. We deliver the curriculum through mixed-ability teaching which offers equal opportunity to all students. We provide access to specialist rooms on a daily basis at lunchtime and after school for individual improvement and other extra-curricular activities.

All students are provided with the opportunity to perform and exhibit their work.  


  • to stimulate creativity and self-expression in our students, enabling discussion, and encouraging students to express and share their own ideas and thoughts.
  • to raise motivation, self esteem and confidence by encouraging students to participate in exhibitions and performances.
  • the pursuit of excellence and fulfilment of each student's potential.
  • to celebrate all students' work regardless of ability.
  • to foster a passion for the arts in all our students which will last them their life-times, whether recreationally, or career-wise.
  • to recognise Art, Drama and Music as individual departments in their own right whilst embracing the opportunity to work collaboratively.