Digital Poetry Anthology

Here is a collection of students' poems written to celebrate National Poetry Day.

Students of all ages enjoyed a workshop with poet Matt Black who is a former Derbyshire poet laureate.

Poems were inspired by the theme 'light'...

A Cold Night in Autumn


I sit here, my tongue reflected

In your eyes, glistening half with fear

And half with awe;

I have sat here for an age and a day

Waiting to be kindled.


Now I have awoken.


In my thirst for air, my tongue flits back and forth,

To and fro,

Tasting the dark sky first with apprehension,

Then with confidence.


I whisper to you:

Closer, closer.

Feel my fingers on your face.

You step backwards; I reach forwards.


Grey tendrils creep towards the stars,

Grasp at the trees in their desperation,

Claw at the moon.


I smoulder, embers in your eyes.


Adam Wilbourne, Year 13

Universally Speaking


Universally speaking, the world is expanding,

Colours and chaos and loving and fighting,

Changing perceptions with new ideologies,

Constant progressing, always advancing


Stop, look up, that’s where hang,

Hiding from light, scared of the changing,

Earth we observe,

Isolated by the light pollution

That choke us, defiles us

Begging for forgiveness,

What made you look down?


Billions of miles away we are dying,

Yet you still see our obsolete glow,

Crying out,

We are wondrous, and you are oblivious,

To the secrets we hold,

The knowledge we possess.


Universally speaking, the silence is expanding,

Darkness and beauty, discovery and desolation,

The earth ignores their demise,

And the stars fade into the light.

Hannah Kinsell, Year 12



Oh, to be starlight,

And shine upon the earth,

For the death of one star,

Brings another’s birth.


The beauty of the universe,

I cannot comprehend,

All I know for certain,

Starlight is my friend.

Hannah Kinsell, Year 12

The army of light

The army of light is all you fear, every dream, every nightmare, every second of your life.

They are the army of the light, you cannot hide, you run but they are always behind you , their army is powerful and mighty , you cannot undo what you have done , the future is dark , but that can change  , rise the army of the light , undo what you can , the dark must not take the light, the forces of light lay down the battle field , the deaths are equal , how many of the lights must be turned off for the dark to rule supreme , the kingdoms divided ,let the feud be done , the queen of light shall rule them all!

The might of all man threated by dark, oh what a thought, the light will always rule the dark.

Elliott Johnson, Year 10

Moonlight Poem


I am the moonlight,

Shining brightly in the sky.

Looking down on the people below,

Knowing they can’t be here with me, up high.


I’m very lonely,

All alone, no one to talk to.

Just me and the remaining stars,

Unless, someone would join me, what about you?


All I do now is reminisce,

Reminisce the stars.

We would look at the passing vehicles,

Including the vans and the ant sized cars.


But now they’re gone,

Burnt out and have left the sky.

Wrinkling and crinkling into dust,

Their souls on their way to die.


Freya Lomas, Year 8



I am the happiness people adore

I am the smiles the parents award

I am the laugh the children cheer

I am the light the people don’t fear

I am the brightness that teens declare

I am the spark lovers’ care

Yes,I am happiness spreading radiance

Killing the darkness presence

Surrounding the skies in daylight


Aman Kaur, Year 9

I was daddy’s little teen

Until you were mean

You left me in the dark

You broke promises

You said goodbye

In the blink of an eye

You were gone

You turned your back and walked away

I didn’t know what to say

As you left me on this random day

Whenever I'm down you would hold me in your arms

But I guess that won’t happen anymore, at night I get fears and it always ends up in tears



Growing up…

You’ve missed it all

It hurts so much knowing you didn’t even bother to call.

For there’s nothing I want more in this world than to just be daddy’s little girl.

Georgia, Year 9

I am abandoned in this ghostly town

I will eventually die away

I stand tall and strong but feel so small

My light dims and fades for the day


My shadow lies on the hectic streets

With the sun lurking behind me

I wait my turn

For the sun to burn

And let the moon take over the sky


My light reflects on the glistening puddles

They cry and weep till the day

And let the sunlight take them away


I wish I wasn’t so lonely out here

The people just walk on past

Maybe I can be useful one day

But for now there is not much I can say

Holly Wright


I want to be a firework,
flying through the sky,
in the morning you will get,
a wonderful fry,

After dinner you will,
be running down the halls,
If you was the favourite,
they would take you to the malls.

One year later,
it will happen again,
I mean fireworks of course,
but you may see some mysterious men.

Brayden Hancock, Year 7


I want to be a torch,
adventuring around,
you might want to go at night,
so you are on your own.

People like to use you,
Day and night,
please don’t flicker it on and on,
so people don’t get a fright

Brayden Hancock, Year 7


I want to be phone light,
something you won’t see,

Because I will be hiding
greatly behind the tree.

You use me when your puzzled,
you use me when I’m free,
of all those little children,
ask to use me.

All of your bedtimes,
I will be around,
usually in your hand,
or maybe on the ground.

Brayden Hancock, Year 7

Light up the dark


I want to be the northern lights,

Dancing through the sky.

My colours lighting the frozen glass,

And the blackness that hangs so high.


I want to be the stars,

Twinkling in the night.

We dance and play aside the moon,

And bring along joy and light.


I want to be the moonlight,

Bringing mystery to the earth.

My glow illuminating the black streets,

Shining for all my worth.


I want to be a firework,

Bursting into the sky.

My colours explode in the air,

And then slowly fall down and die.

Regan Lowe, Year 12

Glow stick


Crack me,

Shake me,

Attempt to break me,

For I will only shine brighter

Bend my spine

Break my bones

For I will only shine brighter

I illuminate your room

As my insides shake about

But then I start to dim

My neon glow dying

My spirit fading away,

I eventually will extinguish,

My bones broken

My spirit taken

But I shined as bright as could be.

Regan Lowe, Year 12

Cat’s Eyes


I am merely a shadow;

Paws hitting the ground,

Tail held up high,

Bones showing through,

Heart beating fast.


A wisp of black,

Makes up me.

As I meander through the streets.

I duck behind bushes,

Dart up trees

Forever foraging for food…

And life.


I stumble over tin cans-

Newspapers blowing in my face.

Everyone looking-

But never finding…



I roam through the streets,

Clones of me following.

No wardens looking for us-

But, for once, us looking for them…


A maze of shop windows flashing by,

A sea of cats eyes glinting in the surface.

All as bright as the moon that watches us,

All as dark as the sorrow that captures us.


Sophie Kenward- Sullivan, Year 7



Darkness is engulfing me,

Being eaten alive by a bitter coldness,

The footsteps creeping closer,

The end is in sight.


Strike of an unknowing match,

I can feel the many possibilities,

Steady the match becomes,

As two come to be one.


Uncertain at first,

As its flame grows,

The heat indulges me,

And I know I’m not alone.

Libby Howard, Year 11



I am a lighthouse,

Standing tall and high.

Wanting to befriend,

Like a cloud in the sky.


Reminiscing about the time,

When my paint was new and dry.

But my skin is old and wrinkly

And my soul is about to die.


I get lonely by myself,

And I sometimes wonder why.

But my mind is all over the place,

Especially in the sky.


I try to help endangered people,

In the ferocious sea,

But their souls are slowly dying,

Just like me.

Hannah Watts, Year 8

The skip light

I am a skip light red as can be,

I sit there lonely with only the cars to entertain me.

In the morning people put scrap in me heavier than can be.

Broken chairs and broken hearted dressing tables lie down on me.

To recover after their life.

I am lifted off the ground higher and higher I go,

On to the back of a lorry and ‘whoosh’ I am on my way home.

Suranne Cave, Year 7

Just A lonely candle


I want to be a candle,

Flickering in the room.

Yellow, Orange, Red,

All my colours bloom.


Trickling down my side,

My flame seems to fade.

Out I go, Silence.

Darkness begins to invade.


Just A lonely candle,

Trapped on my own,

All because my candle flame,

Was eventually blown.


I want my flame back,

Hope never ends

So please light me up,

And we’ll become friends.


I’m waiting patiently

So I can be lit,

Here I stay forever.

And sit…

Amy Hoskin, Year 8

I am Fire


I am your fire,

Warming up your life,

Nothing will make us part,

Love is what you’ll feel,

Lighting up your face,

Together for evermore,

In every place.


Bedded deeply in your heart,

But If I’m no longer here,

My love will live on,

I will fade away making you feel alone,

But don’t let it pull you down,

Keep that smile on your face,

For you know that I’m still with you,

For every day you and I shall live.


By Macauley Sharman, Year 11