A2 Results day 2013: Year 13

Many of you will be successful in securing your Firm or Insurance choice.  You may receive a text in the morning of exam results day confirming that you have been successful.

Even if you have not achieved the grades needed your Firm or Insurance Choice may still take you.  Check Track and call the universities if you need reassuring. Mrs Burton and the team can help with this if needed.

Please remember that many universities may not allow you to swap to an Insurance Choice if you have been accepted and met the requirements of your Firm Choice.

However you may want to consider clearing: there are a number of reasons why you may decide to apply through clearing:

  • You might decide to go to university without having applied.
  • You may decide to reject your original choices.
  • You may have been unsuccessful with your firm/insurance offers.

Whatever your situation certain things are vital to have with you on Results Day

You need:

  • Your UCAS application number- quoted on your UCAS paperwork
  • Telephone numbers of University Admissions Offices and Individual Academic Departments for your Firm/ Insurance offers
  • Pen & paper and telephone access. Bring your mobile. 
  • We will have a number of phone lines set up in PSG5

Stay calm and be patient! You will get through to Universities even if it initially seems no-one is going to answer your calls. You may be asked to come to a brief interview at short notice so be ready to travel if it is a course you really want.  Remember the Universities want you as much as you want them. Don't panic!


Early action will bring greater benefits with the competitive courses/ Universities but...

  • Be careful about accepting the first offer presented especially if you have not seen the University and facilities or it is a different course from your original choice.
  • Read all relevant Departmental literature carefully.
  • Ask all those questions you did before: Could I stay here for 3/4 years? Are the facilities right? What will the accommodation be like? Can I afford it?
  • Be prepared to be a little more flexible unless you remain convinced your original aspirations are still attainable.
  • Remember to update Student Finance.
  • Ultimately, YOU decide. You will receive advice and encouragement from many quarters but you have to live by the eventual decision!