Art and Design

We offer: Fine Art AS (OCR) and Fine Art A2 Level (OCR)

What skills and previous experience will I need?

Students must have studied Art at GCSE level and need to have achieved a minimum of a grade C in Art at GCSE level to be accepted onto the A Level course. An A or B grade is recommended. Art is a very rewarding and enjoyable subject, but the demands on your time are great. You need to be committed, self-motivated and, above all, have a passion for Art. You will be expected to spend a minimum of five hours a week working independently in addition to lesson time.

What will I study?

The course is largely practical with some written elements. Students are encouraged to develop a personal direction within their work. Subject matter and themes are discussed and decided on an individual basis and will be centred on students’ strengths and interests. Individual tutorials to discuss projects and set targets are held regularly. You will explore drawing using a variety of media and techniques and on a variety of scales. The focus is on recording and developing ideas from first hand observation. Underpinning your work will be the use of sketchbooks, workbooks and journals.

Your work will include practical and critical/contextual work including drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media, sculpture, and alternative media.

  • Art AS Course – Externally Set Task (100%)  
  • Art A2 Course - Personal Investigation (60%), Externally set task (40%)

For more information speak to Miss Dana.