Students have one 60-minute lesson of Art each week and are taught in mixed ability groups.  They complete 3 projects each year, which are designed to cover the Art National Curriculum guidelines. 

Students have the opportunity to experience a wide range of 2D and 3D work including drawing and painting, printmaking, mixed media, photography, ICT, 3D, and ceramics.  Significant emphasis is placed on developing observational drawing skills.  Students are encouraged to develop their own ideas and skills throughout the course in order to become confident, independent and creative individuals.

    We follow the OCR GCSE Art and Design Syllabus.  The GCSE Art course enables students to work with a wide range of materials and media including: drawing and painting, photography, digital image manipulation, printmaking, mixed media, textiles, sculpture using a variety of materials, ceramics, 3D card construction, wire, plaster and papier mâché.  It is designed to encourage students to develop knowledge, skills, and understanding along with creativity and imagination. It provides an opportunity for learners to experiment and take risks with their work whilst developing their own style.

    At the start of Year 10 students will have the opportunity to explore and experiment with a wide range of art techniques and media to improve and develop their technical art skills before embarking on the first assessed component. 

    Assessed Components:

    • Coursework Portfolio – weighting 60%
    • Externally Set Task - weighting 40%