Alumni Video Stories

Alumni Video Stories

Students who used to attend Tupton Hall Sixth Form returned to the school on Wednesday 20 June to catch up with old friends, share stories about their lives and explain how attending the sixth form helped them to reach where they are today.

Watch these videos to see what they've been up to.

Guy Lawrence

Guy left Tupton Hall Sixth Form in 2014 and is soon to start a job working for Aston Martin in body engineering and designing new super cars. He also designs and races electric super bikes at the Isle of Man TT and in various other places. 

He said: "When I was doing my A Levels I was in two schools of thought as to how I should carry on, with my options being to do an apprenticeship or  go to university. 

"Through talking with various teachers and staff here I made the decision to go to university, particularly with the support of Mr Walton and Mrs Shipley.

"At Tupton Hall Sixth Form the greatest life lesson I received was that there is more benefit to be had from challenging yourself than taking the easy option."

Helena Du Roe 

Amy Roberts

Adam Hardy

Adam left Tupton Hall Sixth Form in 2015 and has just finished a policing degree at Derby University. He now works full time in the police service.

He said: "When I first started at sixth form I was quite shy and hated talking in front of people but I realised at Tupton that I needed to put myself out there and get out of my comfort zone. I got in to the position of being chair of the Sixth Form Committee and regularly giving assemblies to 150 people at a time really helped me to learn how to talk to people."

Catherine Lovell

Sam Pateman

Sam left Tupton Hall Sixth Form in 2010 and went on to study Creative Writing at Sheffield Hallam University, where he achieved a first class honours. He then went to Nottingham University to do a PGCE and has been teaching at Tupton Hall School ever since. 

He said: "Mr Leach helped me because I felt a bit lost at first in the sixth form and was taking subjects I didn't necessarily enjoy. Drama gave me the confidence to be  able to speak in front of people and I got the experience to be in front of large crowds and that helped me in terms of getting into teaching." 

Josh Marsh

Ross Allen

Ross left Tupton Hall Sixth Form in 2014 and has just finished a master's degree in Nuclear Engineering at the University of Birmingham. He is now going on to study for a PHD in Nuclear Physics.

He said: "I remember going on a trip to the Space Centre in Leicester. Trips like that really sparked my interest in science. 

"My advice to current students would be to keep your doors open, build a network and see what's available around you."

Rob Clay

Rob left Tupton Hall Sixth Form in 2010 and is now an IT technician for Chatsworth House and the wider Devonshire Group. 

He said: "My fondest memory was the camaraderie of the sixth form. You didn't at any point feel like you couldn't go and have a chat with anyone else even if you didn't know them particularly well. Everyone cracked on and did their work and it was a good place to be." 

Natalie Kearney

Natalie left Tupton Hall Sixth Form in 2010 and is now a masters student at the University of Leeds studying International Business Law. 

She said: "I really enjoyed my time at Tupton Hall Sixth Form. I was on the council and involved with most of the extracurricular activities. I found everyone very friendly and I think it influenced how I made friends in later life." 

James Flint

James left Tupton Hall Sixth Form in 2017 and is now studying Law at Newcastle University.

He said: “Being at Tupton gave me people skills and to learn to interact with anyone from any background. It also gave me the work ethic that I needed – I had help from staff but learnt that it was down to me to get my head down, work hard and make sure to get the results I wanted. I learnt to be humble with people and to respect people and to get on with as many people as possible."

Jake Myhill

Jake left Tupton Hall Sixth Form in 2016 and is now studying French and German at University of Hull.

He said: "It was the passion of the staff who encouraged me to do my very best which meant I went in this direction. In the sixth form there was a sense that the staff genuinely cared about you and wanted you to do well and that was evident in the amount of encouragement we received and the lengths the staff went to to help us achieve success.

"The greatest life lesson I received from Tupton Hall School was that when things are getting difficult the best thing you can do is keep going instead of burying your head in the sand. I wasn’t enjoying one of my subjects when I went into Year 13 but at the same time I understood that I needed to do well in it to get to university so I gritted my teeth and ploughed on with it.

"The staff were very sympathetic towards my problem but I understood it was one of those things that had to be done.”

Lucy Carley

Lucy left Tupton Hall Sixth Form in 2009 and is working as a police officer for Derbyshire Police.

She said: “My original plan was to teach PE and the PE department inspired me to do that, however that plan didn’t work. I decided that I would like to go into the police force instead. I would have advised my younger self not to focus all my efforts on one thing because I was so focused on becoming a PE teacher that I shut down other ideas. I would have opened my horizons and considered other options."